A Love We'll Never Live

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Anonymous asked: Please update the xavi story <3

I hope to do that soon

Anonymous asked: post more on cristiano's story!

It’s actually an one shot! But I might write another part! :) Thanks for your message! xoxo

Anonymous asked: pls pls pls pls pls update the xavi story

I’m having such a hard writers block. I wish I could update..I hope really soon! I appreciate your message <3 x

thestarofthesea asked: AHHHHHHHH. OMG. you really know how to prolong suspense you! :p omg.

I can be evil haha :P. I have some ideas for the next chapters but it needs to be perfect…so I’m taking a little time. Hope it will be up in the weekend :) xx

Anonymous asked: Hey I was just wondering if you were planning on update the cristiano ronaldo one shot?

I would love to do that, but my other stories will go first. I’ll make a second shot!
I just got some inspiration and I will be writing soon :) thanks for your message! xx



When Messi scores, he goes to the player who assisted him with the goal, hug him and hug the other players gathered. When Ronaldo assists Higuain a goal, Ronaldo asks Higuain and the players to come to his spot to hug & celebrate.


When Messi scores, he thanks god and prays. When Ronaldo scores, he pretends to squeeze tits and sucks his thumb. Messi does one move and gets past 10 players Ronaldo does 10 moves to get past one player. Without a question, Messi is better than Ronaldo.